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Two Artifacts of the Cold War

Growing up during the Cold War, I was always aware that political unrest or misinterpretation could quickly lead to a nuclear war in which the entire country (and particularly my city next to a SAC base) could become a battlefield. There were products that met some of the needs of that time. Here are two.


A Heavyweight Office Accessory–The Electronic Secretary

When I was a kid I always appreciated that my father bought home things he thought would interest me and spur my creativity. These items were usually discarded electronics. Some of them have turned antique over the years such as a late 1930s broadcast microphone from hometown station KRMD. Another less rarified piece is the […]

Another Tool of Yesterday’s Road Warriors—The Soundscriber

Some 25 years ago I saw something that interested me in a local pawnshop. I had collected Victrolas and other obsolete sound recording machines for some time so this caught my eye. It was about the size of a 1970s cassette recorder, but far more interesting.

It was a Soundscriber portable […]