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The Victrola Ad–The Marketing Wasn’t Just Hype

When I was in junior high I would ride my bicycle around the little town of Forbing where my family lived on the outskirts of Shreveport. The deep woods, the railroad track dropping from the town to the cypress-filled lake, the old warehouse complex, and other places kids are no longer allowed to explore were […]

One-Upping the Competition–The Columbia Symphony Grand Graphophone

I recently noticed that my Columbia Symphony Grand just turned 100 years old. Here are some photos and the history of this unusual phonograph.

Big horn inside, and a beefy, three spring motor:

Another Symphony Grand at auction:

Until 1906, all commercially made phonographs had outside horns.


It’s Just a Guy Thing

You see it in every age. It’s just a guy thing.

Here is a photo I recently ran across on the internet. It’s from 1902 or so. It documents the primordial urge. Even if they live in a village of mud shacks, guys have to have the lastest entertainment technology. . .

An […]