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When Your Car was a Docking Station–The Convertible Radio

When a technology is new, strange products can hit the market. Because of the relatively high cost of new tech, certain things make sense that seem silly just a few years later. I particularly like to collect these silly, odd products.

One such item was promoted during the early years of portable transistor radios. […]

Transistor Radio Marketing

After reading my email that became the blog post “Provocative Ad,” a friend asked me if Zenith was successful with their 1960’s campaign to encourage “buying American” even if it cost more. My response is below. Much of this information is drawn from Michael Brian Schiffer’s excellent book, THE PORTABLE RADIO IN AMERICAN LIFE.

Zenith […]

Provocative Christmas Ad

While cleaning boxes in the attic, I happened upon a Life magazine from 1963. It was about the Kennedy funeral. Flipping through it I found an ad for Sharp electronics that I thought was rather provocative for the time. But first, some background for our younger readers.

By the late 1950’s, the American consumer […]