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An Electrical Book from the Beginning of Time–Well Almost

Recently I bought a book I have been eyeing for two years. The price finally dropped to an acceptable level. The book is THE AGE OF ELECTRICITY, FROM AMBER-SOUL TO TELEPHONE. It’s an up-to-date summary of electrical applications written in 1887. 1887 is officially way-old for electricity.

We have a chapter on […]

Always Look for the Rusty Stuff in Antique Shops—An Antique Magneto

Here is another electrical wonder from days gone by. I happened upon an antique dealer who had several early magnetos of the type that were used with early hit-and-miss engines. Below is a picture of such an engine.

These very heavy stationary engines were used by farmers about 90 to 100 years ago to […]

May I Upsize That? TV Conversions

Fast moving technologies produce some strange stepchildren. TV conversion was one.

During the late 1940s television began to take hold in America. TVs were expensive at first and their screens were very small. Many folks couldn’t afford any larger than a ten inch set. Even large entertainment centers might only have a ten or […]