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When Technologies Collide! Radio Interference from Light Bulbs

No, I’m not going where you think I am—this blog is not about compact fluorescent lamps. It’s actually about a much older technology and how it caused problems twenty five years after it became obsolete!

My interest started with a story. My friend, Dan worked for decades as a two-way radio system design […]

Another Tool of Yesterday’s Road Warriors—The Soundscriber

Some 25 years ago I saw something that interested me in a local pawnshop. I had collected Victrolas and other obsolete sound recording machines for some time so this caught my eye. It was about the size of a 1970s cassette recorder, but far more interesting.

It was a Soundscriber portable […]

Scansores Saucer Satan–Telegraph Codes in American Business

Let’s say you ran a successful company manufacturing light fixtures in 1909. You would buy large quantities of light sockets pretty often from a supplier such as The Columbian Electrical Company. How would you send a large order to your supplier? You wouldn’t have email, a web page form, or even fax. You could order […]

The President’s TV

Television began to establish itself in America during the post-war 1940s. The new television networks soon found ways to link TV stations across the nation. This enabled the networks to broadcast national news much as they already did with radio. With the emergence of national television news networks, TV became important to our political leaders. […]

Well That Was a Clever Idea–Two Chassis TVs

Ok, this is a techie thing, but I’m always curious about what goes through the minds of designers as they ready a product for market. I’ve occasionally noticed rather small TVs that had a second chassis in the base. So how is that an economical idea? Well, now I know.

I recently purchased […]