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Going for that Next Upgrade–Tube Adapters from the 1920s

Some time ago I showed another engineer RCA’s data book for receiving tubes from 1934. She was stunned that most of the active electronic devices available to designers of that time fit into this ¼ inch thick volume. Having grown up on component data manuals larger than New York’s phone book, it was hard to […]

Live in the Country? The Care and Feeding of Your Gas Lights

One of my favorite old technology books is MECHANICS OF THE HOUSEHOLD, published in 1918. It presents just about every technology that was used for heating, cooling, lighting, and plumbing homes in the 1910s. Gas lighting was still going strong if electricity was unavailable. The number of variants of gas lighting is what’s interesting to […]

Now That was Different–The Kellogg Wave Master

I’ve said before that the early years of a technology produces some pretty strange animals. Designers are trying new things and companies are rather open to experimentation as they try to catch the consumer market. At the same time they are saddled with the fluctuating economics of the new tech. I enjoy collecting such radios […]