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An Obscure Cartoon

I recently purchased a stack of trade magazines from the 1930s and 1940s aimed at radio (and later) TV broadcasters and their advertisers. I came across this cartoon in a 1948 copy of “Broadcasting.” It is a bit confusing and not funny at all without a little background in post-war television history. When TV stations […]

Engineering Freebies of the Past

I really enjoy estate sales. You have the opportunity to wander through someone’s house, look at everything that the family has not already picked out, and decide what kind of person lived there. Sometimes you encounter a very boring person (at least to me—I expect those folks would find me boring too). Other times you […]

Wet Electronics–The Philco Battery Eliminator

So, what is this jar? It’s a power diode. What?

I’ll explain in a minute. First, some background. Early radios ran on batteries. Power supplies that allowed radios to be powered from an electrical outlet added too much cost at first to be added to an already expensive radio. By the late 1920s AC-powered […]