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An Obscure Cartoon

I recently purchased a stack of trade magazines from the 1930s and 1940s aimed at radio (and later) TV broadcasters and their advertisers.  I came across this cartoon in a 1948 copy of “Broadcasting.”  It is a bit confusing and not funny at all without a little background in post-war television history.  When TV stations started popping up around the country in 1946 the first people to run out and drop several hundred dollars for a TV were the owners of bars.  Imagine being able to watch professional sports for the first time without buying a ticket or traveling halfway across the state.  For the price of a few beers and snacks, you could see the game at your corner watering hole.  That was revolutionary.  Two years later taverns weren’t the only buildings in town with a TV antenna.  Televisions were becoming a home phenomenon as well.

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