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What is this place?

Since I was in junior high in the 1960’s I’ve enjoyed collecting early technology.  I particularly like the odd detours and strange orphans that appear as companies get new products into the marketplace.  Driven by this interest, I occasionally bemuse my friends and co-workers with emails describing interesting chapters in the progress of tech in our world.  A few have suggested that I put these stories in some central place (no, not the recycle bin).  That is the purpose of this blog.  It is not a typical collector’s site with pictures of a collection.  In fact, if you are a collector, I expect you will not find anything particularly new here.  Most of the information I share can be found elsewhere on the Internet.  I’ve written these emails-turned-blog-posts for engineers and other technically minded people who don’t know some of the obscure but interesting stories of how our technical world became what it is.